10 Best Lipstick Art Photos From Instagram


People around the world are using Instagram in various ways… While most people are using it to take pictures of their food or travels, some very talented makeup artists are using Instagram to share amazing photos of their makeup art, specifically- lipstick art! So here are by far the BEST 15 Instagram lipstick art photos !

1 – Edward Scissorhands

This movie had so many people crazed over, but one actually made the image of Edward on her lips!
Insta-Credit to user @missjazminad

2 – Crashing Wave

This makeup artist knows their way around makeup! This work of the wave is done to perfection, using the shape of the lips to support the shape of a crashing wave!
Insta-Credit to user @girlgreybeauty

3 – Let’s Find Her

Finding Dory created such a huge buzz that it’s no surprise that makeup artists all over the world decided to share their thoughts and imagination about the movie… But this art work is truly amazing- FindingDory Lipstick Art:
Insta-Credit to user @missjazminad

4 – For the sweet-toothed ladies

A special delivery is coming your way with amazing waffles, some chocolate syrup- and don’t forget the cherry on top!
Insta-Credit to user @vladamua

5 – A True Goddess

A true Egyptian goddess is the idea behind this amazing lipstick art…
Insta-Credit to user @genevievejauquet

6 – The Sex symbol of our lives

Mrs. Rabbit, Jessica, is probably the biggest sex symbol of all times (after miss Monroe, of course), and in this lipstick art she is presented as the perfection she is! with a mix between matte and sparkles- this is truly a unique work of art!
Insta-Credit to user @genevievejauquet

7 – Mermaid Lips

This next design is something that I can totally see myself wearing from time to time (Once I figure out how to create it), since it’s not as graphic as the rest, but it is pure art- made to give you Mermaid-inspired lips!
Insta-Credit to user @jilltakesphotos

8 – The Contrast

Sometimes all you need to create the perfect look is to create two things that contradict with one another- but still manage to complete each other in a way. This is why this Lipstick art design is on our 10 top lipstick makeup art photos – cause this is art at it’s finest hour. The contradiction of the glitter with the matte is simply amazing!
Insta-Credit to user @swetlanapetuhova

9 – Oil Painting?

Ever wanted to turn your lips into canvas? As many makeup artists use lips as their blank canvas for their art- this artist took that into hear and created an oil-painting look for her lips! A lipstick art the resembles an abstract painting done with oil. Amazing, right?
Insta-Credit to user @great_ag

10 – Abstract or Sushi?

As this image surfaced in Instagram as an abstract lipstick art- I kinda saw sushi there… Maybe that’s the whole point of art, especially abstract, you get to see what you want to see.
Insta-Credit to user @chassy_dimitra

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