10 Colors, Same Design- Amber Necklace for Babies


I love wearing healing and protective stones. I have my birthstones necklaces and jewels with me at all times… And I got them all on Etsy!
Few days ago I was thinking to myself… I wonder if someone on Etsy is making healing stone necklaces for kids and babies, cause all I see is strictly grown-up style healing stone necklaces. So, I searched Etsy… And found Robertamberdreams Etsy shop!

Baby Amber Necklace butterscotch

On Robertamberdreams shop you’ll find a special Amber stone necklace for kids and babies- in so many different colors and options!

Baby Amber Necklace

Why Amber?

If you’re going to have your child wear a protective stone on them- it might as well be Amber.
The owner of Robertamberdreams explains about the properties of Amber in his product page:

Handmade amber necklaces look admirable and gives the person who wears it a lovely sense of healing. It is popular as it has marvelous metaphysical properties for psychic protection and therapeutic effect. Since ancient times, it is believed to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, sooth the nervous system, promote nutritional metabolism and have anti-inflammatory effects.

Baby Amber NecklaceAmber served as a home guard and had to maintain good family relationships. Children’s amber stone necklaces – In order to ensure the safety of the baby or the child, the beads are put on a very durable polyester (popularly known as capron), which can withstand a lot of weight.

Baby Amber Necklace cognac

Protective stone necklaces are not toys!

It’s important that you never leave a small child unattended when wearing a beaded necklace of any kind. Use the healing properties of this Amber necklace when you are watching over your kid/infant and always choose cation over fashion!

Baby Amber Necklace yellow lemon

Go to Robertamberdreams Etsy shop to find out more!

Baby Amber Necklace

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