15 Sexy Corsets Online


If you’re looking to be extra sexy, for any reason whatsoever- you need a corset. A corset can go a long way for any woman, with any body shape or size. High quality corsets will slim your waste, present your breasts, make you sexy curvy- and will simply give you the best feeling ever! (Cause what’s better than feeling like the most attractive woman in the room?).

I spent several hours online trying to find a trusted online seller that can provide you with these corsets, and found one. After setting up a virtual booth at Bonanza, faith-michelle sells the most amazing corsets online, ones that would fit any size. For more information on where you could where these, check out https://www.mylittlepleasure.co.uk/ . With 9 different sizes, faithmichelle’s Bonanza store, offers you corsets from size Small to 6XL… And here are the 15 top corsets you could get with faithmichelle: (click on any image you like to see prices and further details!)

Everyday above-wear Corsets:

These corsets are super sexy, with a bad-girl vibe, however- they could be with you out and about- partying, or even with you on a date. Great to show off these curves, and will look amazing with a simple get up with denim pants!

corsets-online-plus-size-leather-faux corsets-online-plus-size-dark-leather

Sexy Bed-Time Corsets:

Taking the right corset to bed with you is the best to guarantee a night both you and your man will remember! Here are 4 amazing corsets from faithmichelle’s store, that are simply here to make you look and feel sexy- no matter what size you are!


corsets-online-plus-size-red-sexy corsets-online-plus-size-mesh-white corsets-online-plus-size-pink corsets-online-plus-size-sexy

Be Glamorous!

You could use these corsets when you go bar hopping, off to a freaky ICON festival, or even at home for your man. We recommend? All of the above!

corsets-online-plus-size-black-white corsets-online-plus-size-wicken corsets-online-plus-size-red

Bridal Corsets

Corsets for your big day, combined with your wedding dress, or for your big night after the wedding! White for purity, but still incredibly sexy!

corsets-online-plus-size-bride corsets-online-plus-size-white-bridal

Simple and classy- no words needed!


Ready for XMAS?

This special corset is our way to help you celebrate this holiday season! This corset could help you have the best night out on the town with your man or friends, celebrating Christmas- in doors, or out. corsets-online-plus-size-santa

The ONLY dress you’ll ever need!

Is the one you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t have till now! Amazing corset dresses, with a simple black color or a lucrative purple…

corsets-online-plus-size-black-dress corsets-online-plus-size-dress-purple

So, which one of these corsets was your favorite?

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