2 Towels in 1- Your Gym Bag Needs This Item!


The worst of the worst of working out in a gym is the fact that… You’re not the only one doing it! Taking off other people’s sweat, as well as “cleaning” your own mess requires a towel- and most people use the towel they use for their bodies. That’s just wrong!
If you ask people in the gym if they know that having their sweat mixed with others is not healthy- most people would say yes, they are aware of that. So why don’t they carry 2 towels? Cause it’s just too much.
Carrying 2 towels in your gym bag is a lot, and leaving a sweaty towel in the gym locker is out of the question. So what can you do ?

Lindsey from New Jersey came up with a solution! A duo towel with a clear antibacterial separation between both sides- so you can use one side for your body and one for the gym facilities. In order to differentiate the two sides, Lindsey made them in a different colours, as well as stamped in the words “body” and “bench” on each side.

Care for a towel for yourself? Visit Lindsey’s Etsy store- CleanSweatLindsey and get one today!

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Good Luck Lindsey, and thanks for keeping us clean!

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