200+ People Have Already ‘Got In With The Green’


Green living is something that I have been talking about, here and in other avenues, for the past 5 years.
People don’t always know that they too can help save the planet…
Even if your town doesn’t support green energy, and if in your area- recycling is hard to do, we can all help!

It starts with the little things- making sure you leave as little ‘mess’ behind you when you can. Minimizing the use of plastic, saving water, purchasing your goods from places that don’t own sweatshops, getting what you really need in high quality- and living clean!

100% Organic Natural Cotton Canvas bag reusable shopping bags canvas tote bag cotton grocery bags

If you want ‘in with the green’ but don’t know how to start- let me offer a nice starting point… CottonandLinenShop.
Cotton and Linen Shop is a store on Etsy, dedicated to organic canvas and cotton products that will simplify your green living, helping you carry and store groceries and organic produce- in a clean plastic-free way!

Using Organic cotton is so much better!
Growing organic cotton requires less water- and helps save the planet (and the people growing the cotton) as the crops aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms.
Even a little tea napkin could save the planet- if it’s made from organic cotton!

Visit this wonderful Etsy store today– and start an organic cotton life- free from plastic and other ‘not green’ side-effects!

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