3 Guys Answer 10 Questions About Dating


Some girls say that “All guys just want sex” or “If i wear a jeans and a T-shirt on a first date they guy won’t like me”. So, let’s stop stating out mis-educated guesses and actually hear what our 3 single guys had to say…

Meet The Boys:

For this interview we have asked 3 guys dating related questions…
Our 3 very brave men were:
David, 38 years old from Canada
Avi, 29 years old from the USA (And than France)
And Eyal, 25 years old from Israel.

1. Do you have profiles in any online dating apps?
(OKCupid, Tinder, other?)

dating-apps-tinder-okcupidDavid: Yes, but I rarely use them.
Avi: OKCupid. It’s a great site. Lots of cute, funny, smart chicks. I was once stupid enough to go on Tinder. It’s just a F*ckFinder app- pure and simple. It was fun for a while, but I’m not a kid anymore.
Eyal: I have a profile only on Tinder.

2. Where do you generally meet women?

David: Mostly through friends.
Avi: Start talking online and schedule a meet at a quiet place for a beer.
Eyal: I usually meet women in bars, or when hanging out at friends’ apartments.

3. Describe the best place for a first date:

David: The beach or a park- somewhere outside. Less pressure and less formal.
Avi: A quiet restaurant or a bar, ocean view is recommended.
Eyal: For me the best place for the first date is the beach, I will bring a bottle of good wine, a blanket and few snack that will combine nicely with the wine. On a date like that we can really talk and learn about each other.


4. You go on a date, the girl looks smashing!
Tell us- what is she wearing? Is she wearing heels, is she dressed casual?

David: Very casual.
Avi: I could care less what she is wearing… most cases they come over dressed anyway (as in fancy that is)…I get attracted to attitude and personality. A smile is sexier than most things.
Eyal: Smashing for me is a nice looking dress, not too long so I can see the legs, if she is comfortable with heels I would like it, but she doesn’t have to wear it.

5. What are the 3 first things you noticed when looking at your date?

David: Smile, figure, mood.
Avi: General figure, face, eyes, smile, curves, boobs.
(I know you said three but I’m really meeting you half way :P)
Eyal: Eyes, smile and intelligence.

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