4 Things You Must have In Your Apartment


Hey ladies!
In the past few days i cruised the internet looking for cool items that will instantly improve the way my house looks, and I’ve managed to find some nice ones. While I’m happy with the decor items that I’ve found, I’m nothing compared to my friend, who is obsessed with the custom rugs from bazaarvelvet.com, and has been trying desperately to get me onto them as well, so you might want to check them out if you’re in need of a nice new rug. Anyway, I know you’ve probably seen millions of posts like this one, with more than 25 amazing ideas… I “only” got 4 ideas for you ladies… But simply because they are the very BEST ones!

Be A Mermaid For This Winter

As mermaids are creatures that are often remind you of summer and the ocean, this cool Etsy seller found it to be a very nice… Blanket!! The store is called Crochet Center, and you can guess by it’s name- what it’s all about. Beautiful handmade crochet items like this amazing looking mermaid tail blanket! Click on the image to see how you can purchase one and turn your TV nights more interesting!


A Mirror To Look Forward To

Every girl knows that having the right mirror in the house is priceless. When you look at yourself, you need the mirror to look good as well- cause you are basically looking at an item. I found this cool DIY on Homesthetics that is super easy to do. Take an old mirror that you want to make new, take a piece of thick rope and rap it around the mirror using a glue-gun to make it stick. Simple as that!


Words To Live By

Everyone has a motto, something they live by. Or more true would be to say- something you want to live by. I found this cool Etsy store called Decal Trend that sells awesome wall stickers. You can find all kinds of stickers there… From motorcycles to dogs, from women doing yoga poses to stickers that will better brand your business. Holding up to 7 years, these vinyl stickers are made to order, can by customized and are shipped world wide from the USA. Since this post is about home improvement, I really liked this image, with the motto I am trying to embrace:
Live with passion
Love deeply
Laugh out loud.


A Truly Useful Exit Rug

I saved the best for last… Be There In Five is one of the coolest Etsy stores I have had the pleasure of discovering! Knowing us girls so well, the owner of the store makes amazing looking hand painted rugs that would remind you what’s really important in life… To turn off your straightener!


Do you have an Etsy store that sells house supplies that women would adore? Feel free to comment your Etsy store link in the comment section below!

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