5 Reasons To Drinking Lemon Water Everyday


Being a member of the citric family- the lemon is considered to be a great source for minerals and vitamins. Having the right amount of vitamins and minerals in our body is basically what keeps the engines running and help us stay healthy and fit.

1. Lemon Water Helps With Your Digestion

The way you digest effects your overall health. People with digestion problems tend to develop more health complications, and you can avoid that by simply drinking a glass of hot water with lemon on a daily basis. If you have any concerns about your gut health, it may be a good idea to visit the hills gastroenterology, for some help and advice. The best way to get the most out of this natural “medication” is to take it first thing in the morning- on an empty stomach. Hot lemon water helps remove waste from your stomach and digestion system while restoring pH levels, thus helping with belly bloating and heartburns.lemon-water-benefits-main

2. Mix With Honey To Fight Your Flu

Honey and lemon is the oldest remedy in the book. When I was little I remember my grandmother telling me to boil hot water and mix them with honey and lemon to fight coughing, headaches caused from flu and other cold related symptoms. As infections are treated with antibiotics, viruses can only be treated for their symptoms. The anti-bacterial ingredients in the lemon would make sure that your oral environment is sanitised, while the honey would help with the pain in your throat.

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