5 Reasons To LOVE Etsy !


Etsy is the biggest online marketplace for handmade goods. It gives you the opportunity to get one of a kind items, and to purchase goods straight from real people. People with stories, talent and a lot of love. You’ll be able to find EVERYTHING on Etsy! Gifts for loved ones and for yourself, home decor items, handmade jewelry, art from any kind and so much more. Here are the main 5 reasons why i simply adore Etsy !

1 – You’ll find the prints to make your feel BETTER!

Feeling good about yourself is important, and if you’re a bit social awkward- I vote for embracing that! In Etsy you’ll be able to find art that would let you express yourself, like this print saying- I’m not weird, I am limited edition:


2 – It’s the perfect place for cat lovers!

Srsly! One look into Etsy and a cat lover would melt! I have recently found this amazing Etsy store of a photographer called Theresa Durant. Theresa owns a store called TheresaDurantPhotos and she ships her amazing photography art worldwide. Her main “addiction” is Macro photography, and this is how it started:
My fascination with Macro photography came about when I took my first macro shot of a rose. I was amazed by what I had captured. It was much more than inner beauty; It was the life of a flower.
I love this picture that she took, of the paws of a cat:


3- You’ll find items for personal growth!

Etsy is not just for fun, gifts & arts. You’ll also be able to find things in Etsy that will help you develop and achieve more. One store that helps do that is MyResumeKit. This store will give you the perfect kit to market yourself to potential employers. You’ll find the best CV templates, suitable for both MAC and PC, and with a lovely design and CV frame- you could really pop-out of the CV pile! This special kit also comes with a cover-letter design, and it’s an instant download file- meaning- you don’t have to wait for shipping!


4 – You could be a mermaid!

What girl didn’t grow up wanting to be Ariel and swim in the big blue sea with the perfect mermaid tail! I found an Etsy store that can make you feel like a mermaid just sitting at home in front of the TV and sipping a hot cup of tea… Just click on the images to see more:

green-mermaid-blanket mermaid-blanket

5 – Some people are just creative!

Like this Etsy store owner that made a necklace with the image of a fairy with headphones!!


So, make sure to check out these Etsy stores and Etsy in general.. there’s a whole big handmade world out there- and it’s waiting for you!

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