6 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Best Exercise Ever


1 – You Move Your Entire Body

Swimming is considered to be the best activity because it literally move all of your body while exercising. As opposed to other forms of exercise, you don’t take on your body the resistance of weights or a hard floor, but the resistance of the water all over your body.

2 – Takes Care Of Your Heart

Swimming does increase your heart rate and keep it elevated, however, mentally, your heart will feel amazing, as swimming is a great way to relieve stress.


3 – Self Improvement

The act of swimming requires a certain level of coordination. As you practice and swim more frequently you will notice that your coordination skills are improving, along with your balance and posture.

4 – Toning

If you are looking to improve the way you look, swimming will help you not just with the weight loss but will also tone and shape your muscles.


(Picture taken by me at Zeus fitness centre)

5 – All In One

You get to build up your endurance, you strengthen your muscles and all while getting the cardio you need to stay fit.

6 – Known For Helping Recover From Injuries

While I was recovering from a back injury 4 years ago, my physical therapist recommended swimming in order to reduce the pressure on my lower back. I don’t know if it was the heated pool that helped me, the movement itself, or even the happy feeling of finally getting out of bed. But swimming helped me, and a lot. And I only wish that more people would take on swimming as a life habit.

** I am not a doctor, I am just an enthusiastic swimmer. If you have a heart disease, a back problem, or any kind of medical condition please consult your doctor before taking on swimming **

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