7 Reasons To Visit India


Being an Indian and always having lived here, this country doesn’t cease to surprise me every single day, even after more than 20 years of conscious existence. Every time I visit a place for the 1st time, or for the 7th time for that matter, there is something new to be discovered. It’s not always in terms of destinations, but more about the people, the culture, the traditions and the many languages.

India Is Not For Everybody

I am not surprised when people from other countries have drastically different opinions about India. Even as a local, I have felt the confusion, chaos, anger, hostility as well as the warmth, concern, kindness and humanity, of course not all at the same time. I don’t think I will ever be able to understand my country completely, so much that I have stopped trying. There are just too many aspects to it. But, for me, it’s important to know it in parts, because those parts are what makes India so beautiful.

7 Reasons To Visit India- In Pictures (Taken By Me)

1 – Architecture


2 – Chaos


3 – Colours


4 – Diversity


5 – Food


6 – People


7 – Spirituality


There’s something for everyone, from mountains to deserts, from beaches to cities, from nightlife to luxury and so much more. You may like it, dislike it or be indifferent to it, but you will go back a changed person, a better one.

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Ex-accountant. Working towards the dream to travel the world slowly, on a budget. After 5 long years of cubicle and computer bound job, when the weekends and paid leaves were not enough to fulfil my wanderlust, I gathered enough strength to leave it all and started working towards the dream. An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and doodling, I like to stay away from the crowded tourist destinations, love to live with the locals and try to know about a place as if I have to live there forever. Almost everyone who has travel as their way of life is my inspiration. Feel free to follow me on Instagram as well :) https://instagram.com/lostinmaps/

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