7 Ways To Make Your Rented Flat Feel Like Home


If you are renting an apartment and you are not yet a millionaire than you can probably associate with the following phrase: I do not live in the apartment of my dreams. I know it can be somewhat “down” to not feel at home in that stage of life, especially when your rented flat cost you hard-worked money, but there are several things you can do to make your flat feel like home.

I’ve spent most of my early life living in a granny flat (view the granny flat building process here), and I have to say that it was a struggle at the start getting used to it – but I got by. If I can get by through that (a small granny flat on my parents home), then you can get through a normal flat!!

Here are 7 ways that you can create that HOME feeling within your rented flat:

1 – Bring you favourite childhood doll.
Dolls are not just something kids play with… Stuffed animals are still taking space in our grown-up apartments, and our childhood games are resting peacefully and waiting for a drunken night with our friends. So our old dolls could decorate a shelf- just to remind us that home is where your heart is.

2 – Get curtains in your favourite colour.
Adding a touch of colour to a rented apartment might seem a bit hard sometimes. If you love the colour blue, painting a wall in that colour might not be the best idea since you will have to re-paint that wall into a white or lighter colour when you leave your flat. However, you would order amazing HUGE wall-covering curtains to do the same trick. Cheaper- and comes off way easier.

3 – Get wall stickers!
Wall stickers are one of the easiest ways to get that homey feeling. Simply order a sticker that means something to you and you think you would want to remember everyday. I recently came accross an Etsy store with amazing wall stickers, and fell in love with that one sticker combining two of my favourite things- India, and sleeping. The Indian phrase- Namaste, was converted into a tacky but clever joke as the wall sticker says: Nama Stay in bed.
The Etsy store where I found this item is called FunnyAndSticky, not surprising as this wall sticker is defiantly both!


4 – Have friends over
No matter how small your flat is- try and have some friends over… For a TV night, a game night, or even for a microwave dinner. Having people you like around the house can improve how you feel in it even after they have left. Being in a flat on your own can be quiet scary at times, so you could even buy a home security camera options to calm your mind.

5 – Make sure your flat always smells awesome!
Get these scented cheap Ikea candles. They might be cheap- but they do the trick! Having your house smell good will get you one step closer to liking the time you spend there.

6 – Get one piece of good quality furniture.
If you spend most of the time in your flat in bed than you should have the BEST mattress. If you’re a television watcher than make sure to spend money on a good screen TV… You catch my drift, right?

7 – Remind yourself that this is just a phase.
After all- this is not the apartment of your dreams, but you could still have that amazing flat when you grow older. This is not the LAST apartment you will ever rent, and once you are more financially stable you will be able to afford the flat of your dreams… So cheer up!

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