800+ Baby Girl Parents Are Loving This Etsy Shop…


As a mom for a toddler boy and 2 twin girls- Esra’s hands are always full.
However, being a full time mom of 3 hasn’t stopped her from making her dream come true and supporting her family with her handmade clothing and shoes for little girls!

Baby Girl Christmas Romper : Baby Girl Red Velvet Romper : Baby Girl Off the Shoulder Romper : Santa Baby Romper

Her Etsy shop is called LiAlyBoutique, and when you look at the number of sales and rating she has- you’ll know that this shop promises- and delivers!
With over 800 parents shopping for their little girls in this shop, Esra managed to maintain a 5 star rating, an amazing rating given the fact that most of her items are personalized !!

Custom names, dates and more- all with glitter and glow, is the name of the game! And here are some of these custom items… As they were uploaded to the review section by Esra’s loving clients:

If you like what you’ve seen here you’d be happy to know that Esra keeps an Instagram account for her shop, sharing new designs and seasonal sales with people who love baby girl items that are personalized and glowing <3


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