A Business Born From A Hobby, The Story Of Dog Day Crafts Etsy Store


changeIt’s the ultimate e-commerce fairytale story.. One woman is incredibly talented, and she decides to create some crafty items for her home and family. You know those stories right?
When you have that one talented friend and you keep telling them “you’re so good at this, you should be selling this”. But- most people never listen.

Nicole & Jason Wood from Springdale decided to listen.
In Nicole’s Etsy store she says she was always this crafty puzzle-loving person, loved designing new color schemes and figure out the best way to do something. Her husband was so supportive that he came in for the help and together they decorated their home with wood signs to display on Halloween & Christmas.
Last year was a turning point, as the two decided to start making some other “crafty things”- while their family members and friends told them they would like to order something special, they wanted them to create what they had envisioned in their yard and home. And so they did.

This partnership is amazing… With Nicole’s designs and colour selection and her husband’s crafty hands- they are now a full on family business operating on Etsy, and if you don’t think that this is reason enough to support them instead of buying your decor at retail stores- maybe if you see how talented these 2 are- you’ll change your mind.

They have created a brick-puzzle, that allows you to set the bricks in different ways to see different results… And here are some of them: (and also some cool wall art wooden items)

Wooden brick puzzles for kids:

hello-kitty spiderman

Decorations to celebrate LOVE:


Celebrating the seasons:


Or simply having a laugh:


And the one that moved me the most- fight cancer:


More awesome designs in their Etsy store – DogDayCrafts

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