A Family Herbal Tea Business, With a Lot of Love!

They say that a family that eats together- stays together… But when it comes to Sabi Wießbäck and her family it would be better to say- a family that makes tea together- stays together!

It was in Sabi’s Etsy shop, TouchofHerbs, that I first encountered the phrase “Most Loving Mother In Law”, as Sabi said that on her husband’s mother- who also works with her in her Herbal tea shop!!
A total of 5 people work at this shop- and they are all passionate about herbal tea and other health beneficial products such as bath salts, acne balms, natural face creams, massage oils, and much more.

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Their tea blends look delicious, and they also have gift boxes and sets- for that extra loving effect to someone you love and want to spoil… or even to yourself!
Sabi’s interest in herbal remedies first started when her grandmother shared her knowledge with her. After suffering from severe illnesses, Sabi turned to her grandmother for advice… And that was a turning point… Cause once you become aware of the healing powers found in nature- it becomes all you can see!

Here are some of my favorite products from Sabi’s Etsy shop:

You’ll find that this shop has a flat $3 US shipping price, as well as a free shipping offer for domestic shipments exceeding $49.

If you feel a sense of Europe in Sabi’s store- it’s because she’s from Germany!
Relocated to The States, married a veteran and now the proud mother of 2, this former European lady is now a full on cultural mix- expressed wonderfully in her herbal flavours, and in the amazing scents of her beauty and care products!
The items made for this shop are made with new USA knowledge of herbs and teas, alongside a life time of herbal remedies knowledge from Germany. A truly unique combination.

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There is so much more I can say about Sabi,
But you can just go visit her shop, TouchofHerbs,
and find it all on your own!

Maya Mey Aroyo

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