A Nurses’ Art Work- On Nursing Themed Tshirts & Hoodies


If you’re looking for a cute gift for a friend/family member who works in nursing, or if you’re a nurse yourself, you might want to swing by NursingIsMyDayJob Etsy shop.

The shop is owned by a full time nurse, Gloria, who decided to open a line of tshirts and hoodies for nurses! These unique nurse themed apparel items are not for official use (these are not scrubs), but more for fun and for casual everyday wear.

The reason behind this shop- is inspiration!
Gloria wants to inspire people to do what they love and hear no bad word being said about it!
A lot of people have “things” to say. on any profession… Wearing Gloria’s tshirts and hoodies is your way to say you’re proud of who you are, and receiving a nurse themed tshirt or hoodie from Gloria’s shop- shows that the person who gave it to you recognizes the hard and important work that you do!

The second inspiration is the result of this shop… With a nurse finding out that it’s never too late for a simultaneous second career path, and despite her being a nurse- she could still make a living from selling her graphic art on clothing items!

If you liked the hoodies and tshirts for nurses that you’ve seen here-
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Her page is always updated with her latest designs and cool ideas!


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