A Quick ShoutOut about IOOI – The best cream in the market!


If you are looking for something that will make your skin feel great but also help rejuvenate it in the process- you’ve found it! IOOI is our topic today with the most amazing face cream made only from natural ingredients!

natural ingredient face moisturiser

When we first saw IOOI online we loved their pitch and the main agenda… The strive to “make natural skin care products purely natural, by excluding unnecessary ingredients.”
In todays cosmetics world, so many companies have a good base for their product, but add so many chemicals to make it smell stronger or feel smoother- when in fact- these ingredients are not necessary for you skin to heal and feel better- in fact- these add-ons are making your skin worse!
So basically, with IOOI, you’re getting a face moisturizer that will nourish your skin using only natural ingredients like: almonds, olive oil, coconut oil and cold pressed apricots!

(Sounds delicious, right? No, but seriously, it’s for your face, so not eating!)

See more about their special natural ingredients and how each of them helps moisturise and sooth your skin on their official website! You can also learn more about them, follow and reach out- through IOOI’s social channels:
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