A Special Etsy Shop Is Giving Away a FREE Glitz & Glam Pillow Case Every Week!


If you’re looking for something to turn a room around, to decorate easily and affordably- you need a new pillow case!
It might sound weird to say it, but it’s true… A few decorative pillows here and there- can make all the difference, turn a boring room into a stylish one, and a cold new small apartment- into a true home!

Trio Leaf Collection Decorative Throw Pillow

There are so many places online and off to get a new pillow casing to turn your room around- but my favorite go to place is Etsy- the online marketplace for handmade goods and craft work.
One special seller there, by the name of Janine, is on my mind today, with her unique new shop- FineTouchInteriors!

Unlike most pillow case sellers on Etsy who come from a background of Graphic Design, Janine is different. She brings to her shop and pillow-land 10+ years of experience in interior design and her great passion for the finest of details.

With a simple slogan of –Why not EXPRESS YOURSELF?– this seller is going to soon take over the world of pillow cases- and you have a chance of winning a FREE Glitz & Glam Pillow Case by going into Janine’s Instagram account and commenting “Your favorite Etsy fan” on any pillow case you like!
From now till August 1st, Janine will hand out a free pillow case once a week to one of her commenters!
(Looking for more info about this giveaway? Favorite Janine’s Etsy shop and receive all of her giveaway updates!)

If you like her style and want to “save some of her items for later” you can always pin them to your favorite home-design boards, or follow her on Pinterest for her inspirational updates of new designs and promotions!

Visit FineTouchInteriors on Etsy for more!

Atlantic Collection Decorative Throw Pillows

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