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If you’re a fan of abstract work- than you’ll love this Etsy store I found for you. This store is basically the works of an abstract mind, the mind of Jon Allen. The store, JonAllenMetalArt, that carries on his name and brand- is dedicated to abstract art in any form: from wall art to sculptures, from mirrors to clocks, and ever earrings! If it’s unique, handmade and has an abstract vibe- you’ll find it at Allen’s store. Here’s a small peek to what’s waiting for you in Jon’s store:

Unique handmade abstract earrings:

Using the abstract mind set and combining it with Contemporary jewelry “rules”, Jon create a collection of unique earrings to sell in his Etsy store.. This came as a shock to me- since all other products in Jon’s store are for house decor… But boy does he know his way around silver!

Decorations- indoors and outdoors

Take those earrings you’ve seen and make them bigger… So big that they could decorate your living room, school, dining room and even your pool area! This sculptures are eye catching and unique, using abstract vibes to make sure everyone who looks at them will see something a bit different…

Wall Art – it’s what it’s all about

Jon has two kinds of wall art- art that stands on its own- and art that comes in sets. Now, a lot of artists are displaying sets and singles of abstract canvases, but do a more complex job than Jon when it comes to sets, and a more unique job when it comes to singles… Just have a look at some of his latest work to see what I mean:

I mean- a fish made from meta? A strong colourful wall art that flows like a wave? A wooden themed set that can be used either vertically and horizontally. And the cherry of my art cake- that 3 piece clock! Amazing! However… I stopped loving these items the minute I saw Jon’s talent for… Mirrors!

Keep in touch with Allen’s collection…

By following Jon’s art work on social media. His Facebook page would love your artistic LIKE, and his Instagram account will bring joy to your eyes with posts like these:

Need another reason to love Jon Allen’s store?

This seller never stops surprising with cool sales, promo ideas and coupon codes. Right now he has an ongoing special 10% discount coupon that can be found in each and every one of his listings on Etsy… But you don’t need to go there to get it:
Sign up for the JonAllenMetalArt’s newsletter and Jon will send you a coupon code that will give you 10% off in your next order. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter and claim your discount!

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