Accessorize Like a Hollywood Star with Anja’s Arts


If you’re looking for that glamorous look that tv and movie stars have- you should definitely check out Anja’s Arts – an Etsy store dedicated to beautiful and unique jewelry pieces!

The store, owned by Anja, holds over 600 different jewelry accessories, and with more than 6000 sales- Anja’s store seems to be what glamour is all about these days!

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As a member of The Artisan Group, Anja has had 3 tv placements for her jewelry art works: The Vampire Diaries, Law and Order: SVU and Finding Carter. Her earrings have also seen some camera time as they were worn for red carpet events, Stephanie Drapeau has been known to be seen with Anja’s jewelry, and fashion beauty vlogger Victoria Lyn Beauty wore her earrings in her last video. Impressive for a seller on Etsy!

Crushed Stone 14K Gold Fill Pendant Necklace- Pyrite, Spectral Hematite, or Amethyst

All of that can simply prove to you that someone can have a full-on successful business on Etsy, and that you have easy access to star-quality jewelry that are handmade and crafted in the USA!

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If you want to make sure you never miss a new design or a potential sale- you should really follow Anja and her jewelry on her Twitter or Instagram.

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For more information and beautiful jewels-
go to Anja’s Etsy shop- Anja’s Arts!

Crushed Amethyst Sterling Silver Bar Necklace Imperial Jasper Argentium Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring Grass Green Czech Glass Argentium Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Ring Filligree Crescent Moon Carborundum Druzy Necklace

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