Acrylic Pouring Made to Wall Art & Accessories!


If you haven’t heard about acrylic pouring by now- you need to catch up on your art trends!
The new hot trend of acrylic pouring is here- making people and color mix so much better!

One artist that pours her acrylic is especially talented and taking her beautiful acrylic pouring crafts to a whole new level! Her name is Lisa, and she’s the owner MixUpMadness Etsy shop!

After pouring her acrylic colors and making this beautiful work of art- Lisa takes a high quality photo of the made abstract painting and sells it in prints!
Available in various size, would look good with any frame, and will make any room- so much more appealing!

You can find her beautiful prints on her Etsy shop… Or… On her Society6 page!
In her Society6 page Lisa uses these photos, and other graphic designs, and places them onto everyday products- as big as a table, as small as an iPhone, or as cool as a bar stool!

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If you like what you see here go ahead and visit Lisa’s Youtube channel,
Facebook page, Society6 page or even her very own website!

Or just go to her Etsy shop for some good
old fashioned PRINTS <3

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