Add LOVE & Bling to Your Home Walls

Some people love to add small stickers to their walls, to add that little decorative touch. Others like hanging mirrors to be used as wall decor… But I say- why not combine both?
If you want to really make your walls sparkle- try out this sweet set of heart shaped mirror wall decals- made with love by Boris, from DjigShop Etsy shop!

crystal decals wall art heart shaped stickers

This unique 16 piece set of wall stickers that are heart mirrors, holds 13 full heart mirrors, and 3 heart mirrors with a heart-shaped hole in the middle. All in different sizes- it’s super easy to create an impressive heart mirror collage- just by sticking these decals to your walls!

mirror wall stickers set

Easy to peel heart shaped mirror decals
And much more
Now on DjigShop Etsy shop!

3d wall stickers heart shaped mirrors

Maya Mey Aroyo

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