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Welcome to The Women Team- an online shopping blog!

We feature a large variety of shops and businesses in our blog, people selling various items that can be used as gifts for anyone! Gifts for men, Gifts for women, fashion accessories, clothing items, stickers & planners, greeting cards, mystical services, jewelry, bags, home decor items, gardening items, and basically anything that is made with love and will make someone happy !

In order to maintain the website, we offer 3 advertising packages, meaning- 3 different types of posts we can write about your shop! THIS OFFER IS FOR ETSY SELLERS ONLY!
(If you have a shop that isn’t on Etsy please contact our editor on her Instagram.)

We take all our sponsored post requests on Fiverr!
Fiverr is a website meant to sell any type of online service.
While an item on Etsy is called a Listing, an offer on Fiverr is called A Gig.
You can see our GIG for having a blog post written about your shop on The Women Team online shopping blog- HERE!
Check out our offer on Fiverr and read through it to know the scope of the promotion!
If you have any questions about this specific service, please contact our Editor Maya Mey Aroyo directly from her Fiverr Profile! In it you’ll also find her offer to help you improve your Etsy shop with a unique Etsy shop audit for only $15.

Shops with negative reviews MUST consult with our editor prior to ordering! We reserve the right to cancel your order and refund you the advertising fee if we find that your shop has bad reviews, is overpriced, or misleading in any way.

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