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You might have seen a lot of Etsy stores out there offering jewelry items, pendents mostly, made from precious and semi precious stones. Necklaces made with Amethyst, Rubies, Agates and more… However, one Etsy store took it upon itself to give you only Agate- in many different forms- and not just jewelry.

The Agate stone has many uses… Some believe that a necklace with Agate stone would protect you- mostly from accidents and in travel times. Others say that Agate is a charm that helps you regain focus and not let your mind scatter when facing different obligations and multipole assignments. Articles were written about Agate being a strong device in maturity, and that it’s presence promote stability in one’s life and mind. However, when looking at the amazing handcarft work of Lauren Williams, owner of GeodeInTheRough Etsy store, all I can think about is that Agate is simply BEAUTIFUL.

Lauren creates beautiful things from Agate, making sure you could use it on you- or in your home. In her store you’ll be able to find amazing Agate crafted coasters, for the most beautiful dining or living room table, necklaces to celebrate Agate and it’s powers on you all the time, wedding table numbers, and more! (She even makes Christmas Ornaments..)

So, not saying anymore- just showing you the amazing handwork of Lauren:

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So- go ahead and visit Lauren’s Etsy store and get your AGATE stones in place!
You can also follow her and her creations on Instagram- there’s always something beautiful there:

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