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Meet I Am Keshet- a crafty and spiritual creator on Etsy that sells her handmade and self-blessed jewels in her store- IAmKeshet.
Keshet, that means Rainbow in Hebrew, loves to help people by blessing them with what they need- and she could do that by giving you a piece of jewelry, to have on you at any time, that will help you focus on what you need more in life.
With strong stones like Emerald, Ice Quartz, Tourmaline, Citrine and more- Keshet can help you focus on love, focus on health or even- on the ability to focus your energy better in your daily lives.

Amongst her jewelry you’ll be able to find items like an Anxiety Protection bracelet, a special and unique Weight loss, Detox & Metabolism Booster- Crystal based bracelet, or a Hand knotted necklace with love beads- to bring in the love into your life!

Keshet does all that using the knowledge of the stones she possesses, as well as her own energy- embedded in each and every one of her items.

What I love most about this Etsy store and Etsy seller is the fact that she explains everything! If you go to any item, no matter which one, you’ll be able to find a big description on every stone used to create this jewel- and how that stone effects us. In her main store page, under the about section, Keshet even specify what hand you should place each bracelet on, and how to know what chakra each stone works on. Amazing- right?

Keshet’s necklaces and bracelet are powered by the angels that surrounds us all the time, ones we never notice. These items, on you, are a reminder- of the fact that you are loved, safe and protected- from above. The best gift to give a loved one- or yourself.

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