Are You a Shopaholic? (Cause I know a good place you could go..)


I have an unexplained affection for calavera drawings, ink work and general art, The art of the human skull, as often celebrated on Day of the Dead, to me- is a work of art. Looking at magical details and mandala-like faces.
One place where I found amazing products that I’ve never seen before – was at Shopeholic Designs Etsy shop.

Now, what ShopeholicDesigns do might not seem all that special to you at first- but it will in a bit.
Now, ShopeholicDesigns owner is creating beautiful designs and printing them on everyday items, like bedsheets, tote bags and even prints. Just like half of the stores on Etsy, right?

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ShopeholicDesigns Etsy shop has so much more to offer- with amazing and unique designs printed on shoes, car seats, and even suitcases! They take art to a whole new level- with mesmerizing calaveras that I can’t take my eyes off of!

Calavera shoes :

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Calavera girl car seat covers:

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Unique designs for suitcases!

If you want to see more of this designer
-but with different styles-
visit this shop’s official website!

If you want to see where i got all these beautiful products photos from- go to shopeholicdesigns Etsy shop today!

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