Are You Down For Some Pillow Talk ?


Let’s have a little heart to heart on the way you decorate your home or room… What colors did you choose? Is there anything you feel like you need to change? How easy would it be (or how hard) to change the vibe of the room? What will you need to do to make a tiny rented flat- feel like home?

Well, if we’re having this little pillow talk about design, what do you think about… Pillows?
Yup, Pillows! Colorful, playful, meaningful pillows!

Since the dawn of time and the houses with walls and indoor plumbing- pillows have been used as one of the most common accessories in everyone’s home! People throw pillows on a sofa, couch and even on the bed… Maybe that’s why they got the name- throw pillows 🙂

I love throw pillows- and there are so many sites who sell beautiful throw pillows casings- with or without the actual pillow inside! Just think about a black sofa with patterned blue pillows on it… Now change the pillow into a mix of different tribal designs- and the room will look different!

pink silk heels pillow

So- I set out to find the most awesome pillows in my favorite “shopping mall”- Etsy !
Are you ready? Let’s go!
HomeRightonline– THE Etsy store for throw pillows for any design you might have in your home! Colorful, Glam, Ethnic Pillows, Decorative Boxes & much More- all waiting for you in this USA based store, owned by the lovely Michele Battise!

Here are some of my favorite designs from Michele’s store:

Oh, and she doesn’t only DO pillows…

blue duvet covers and pillow set

To have a look at over 130 designs go to Michele’s Etsy store, and for more updates on sales and new products make sure to follow her and her creative mind on social media:
Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

The current promotion at Michele’s store is Free Shipping on any order valued $75 and above + a free Gift wrapping for Mother’s Day!

So, from all of us here at The Women Team we have to say-
Michele- you rock!

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