Aren’t You Tired Of Wearing That Itchy Scrub Cap?

It’s truly amazing to see the different stores on Etsy. The online marketplace for handmade goods is a home for many talented people- all crafting a different craft, basing their product collection on what they do and know best.

One very unique shop is ManicMoxie.

ManicMoxie is owned by a woman named Summer Copeland.
Working 15 years in the health care system, Summer has developed quite a style… In surgical scrub caps!

Yes! Those weird fabric “hats” doctors and nurses have on while attending patients or preforming surgery- don’t have to be boring! They don’t have to have one color, and they certainly don’t have to be made by bad quality fabrics that itch all the time.
So, Summer took it upon herself to create a unique collection of surgical scrub caps- made from different high quality fabrics- and the game is on!

Sparkly Eiffel Tower Print Surgical Scrub Cap~ Scrub Caps for Women~ Scrub Hats~Tie-Back

The variety of surgical caps in Summer’s shop is amazing!!
Kittens patterned, flowers, sports teams, Paris & mandalas, are only some of the themes that you can spot in Summer’s shop. Here are my personal favorite surgical scrub caps from ManicMoxie:

As per the name, ManicMoxie, Summer took the time to explain it in her shop’s bio:

summer copeland healthcare accessories unique scrubs caps surgical scrub hatsLet’s be real. Healthcare can be an absolute roller coaster ride. In the course of a few minutes you can absolutely love your job, then wonder if you’re cut out for it, then realize that the craziness is something you can’t live without. Your job can drain you, but somehow revive you and give you purpose all at the same time. I have been on this ride for 15 years, through late nights on call, patients that touch your heart, and days where I wondered if I would be able to crawl out of bed the next morning.

This is what inspired me to create Manic Moxie. People frequently ask me how the name was conceived. Moxie is courage and determination! This is how we get through each day. Manic refers to the fact that circumstances are rarely perfect. Your day may be a bit frenzied and a little bit wild, but it’s courage all the same.

If you like this style, got a doctor friend, a nurse family member, or if you’re in the healthcare business yourself- go ahead and follow Summer! (on Instagram, not in real life!)
Her page is filled with all of her new designs, puffed up surgical hats and tie-knot caps together!


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Maya Mey Aroyo

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