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I absolutely adore theme-jewelry stores and brands!

Theme stores are those who hold different items that all go by a simple and clear guideline or follow a single design idea. They can look different from each other, but when placed together these items create a full look, a look that makes sense together, A look that turns a store into a brand!

I remember getting this feeling, this Ah-ha moment, when checking out PixieShadowCraft Etsy store. Owned by Xaria Knight and Bryan Poole- this Etsy store provides you with unique jewelry and accessories all made to fit our warriors, fighting daily battles, making you look stylish and fierce at the same time!

Post Apocalyptic Bronze Armor Glove, Sekhmet Egyptian War Goddess, Boho Festival Larp Medieval Fantasy

If I have to say exactly what made me feel so connected to this Etsy store I have to say that it comes for that place where… I simply adore epic TV shows like Game Of Thrones.
The owners of the store have created this awesome collection of armor jewelry that look as if they were made from Dragon scales. Well- you have to see it to understand what I mean:

Dragon Scale Shoulder Pauldrons, Stormborn Scalemaille, Fantasy Armor, Post Apocalyptic Festival Cosplay Larp Dragon Scale Glove, Gothic Slave Bracelet Armor, Pagan Witch Fantasy Jewelry, LARP Goth Festival Cosplay Dragon Scale Choker Necklace, Medieval Armor, Mother of Dragons, Fantasy Cosplay Festival

If you plan to attend a Cosplay festival anytime soon- these items will surly come in handy.
This store is not one of those crazy 2000 items stores… It’s simple, and really focused on a concept. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find something that fits you- as most items comes with a 2,4 and even 6 colors to select from. When you enter each listing’s page you’ll see the color choice you have for this item- and will be able to order it with an easy drop down menu.

Chain Mail Warrior Bracelet:Arm Band, Woven with European 4in1, Adjustable, Fantasy Medieval LARP Dragon Scale Handmade Chainmaille Bracelet: Steel Mermaid Scales Fantasy Festival Jewelry: Bronze Cosplay Armor Cuff: LARP Armor Post Apocalyptic Bronze Armor Glove, Sekhmet Egyptian War Goddess, Boho Festival Larp Medieval Fantasy

See something you like??
This store is defiantly going to be a smashing hit  once revealed by Scifi and fantasy addicts… This is your chance to enjoy these items from the small family business- and set your environment’s new trend!

Here are some of the color selections you’ll see in this cool store:

Post Apocalyptic Bronze Armor Glove, Sekhmet Egyptian War Goddess, Boho Festival Larp Medieval Fantasy

The store recently had a Giveaway, and although you missed it- I think it’s best if you Like them on Facebook– to make sure you’ll always know when the new Giveaway is! You can also follow them on Instagram and see more pictures of their newest items!

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Being a true Goth in Heart- owners of this store also keep a beautiful Tumblr filled with goth and cosplay goodness! So take a minute and see what these goth and dragony sellers have to offer you! 

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