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il_570xn-563514736_lp2l If you’re looking for something truly unique on Etsy you should check out a store called: ArtandSpirits. This store, owned by Julia Rho, ships prints of her amazing watercolor works worldwide from France. Her art is passionate, filled with feelings of love, despair, joy, togetherness and every other strong emotion known to man.
Her art takes many forms, from couples, to scuba-divers, from people to animals, and you have a chance to add a new item to your home to brighten it up. You can see a wide selection of Julia’s art in her Etsy store, and more in her website or Facebook page.
Julia send her original painting’s prints after using pigment based inks that pick up all the subtleties and richness of the original watercolor art. But enough talking- have a look at some eye-candy art:

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**All prints are sent in a clear protective sleeve (water resistance)
with cardboard envelop to strengthen the package.**
So go to Julia’s Etsy store and order your amazing unique print today!

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