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One of the reasons I love Etsy so much, is the fact that it hosts so many amazing and precious artistic souls, giving them the opportunity to open their own little online boutique and show off their talent to the world.
One of these artistic souls is Jennifer Vargas.

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Owner of jennysartboutique, Jennifer is a talented painter, and her paintings have really made me think about life, about how different people see life.
What I love most about her boutique on Etsy is that I believe every person who’d visit it would find something they connect to, as Jennifer is so talented and has so many fields of interest when it comes to what she paints.

Original Cow Art - Acrylic Painting - Clearance

Bikes, sunsets, lemons, cows, ballerinas, parrots and so much more- the art is there, and you can see from the way the paintings are presented- the Jennifer loves what she does for a living.
As it’s hard to sell on Etsy and shine over the competition, Jennifer has recently pass her 50 sales mark, and maintained a 5 star score in her ratings from buyers. Amazing!

Bike Art Painting acrylic Girl on bike cycling women fashionista figurative art bike with flowers clearance street biking bike painting

Jennifer’s prints- on cards: 

In her store’s about us section Jennifer talks about her life and passion and basically on how she ended up being a painter and opening her Etsy store..

I’ve pretty done tried everything in my life….novel writer, chef, love 101 coach, match maker. But nothing ever seemed to give me meaning in life until I picked up that paint brush.

Budgie Art - Acrylic Painting - Clearance

I’m an artist obsessed with color and acrylic paints. I truly love painting a variety of subjects whether it be nature, still life or the Disney characters.

Gotta love this girl, right?

50% OFF? Hell Yeah!

In order to spread the LOVE of colors, Jennifer has started a unique sale of 50% off in her store, affective till October 18th! You don’t need any coupon code or a special link, all you need is to go to her store (LINK) and the discount is there waiting for you on the majority of the products! (But hurry up, don’t let your favorite art work get snatched by someone else who’s reading this right now!).

You can keep track on Jennifer’s work in her Facebook page! One like there and you’ll never miss a new painting or a smashing sale ever again!
Have fun bringing art into your homes!

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