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If you’re planning a party or a wedding any time soon- than you know what a hassle it is to make sure that everything is perfect!
Getting through the “big” parts is easy… The venue, the main theme, etc. However, as the devil is said to be in the details- that’s where a good party lies as well!
In order to make sure you won’t be forgetting a small but very important little detail- I am writing this post!

If your event or wedding has a cake or cupcakes- you’re gonna want to take a visit to CuriosityCrafted Etsy store!

The owner of the store, Sumeya, is selling beautiful cake topper, cupcake toppers and even banners- for multipole occasions- a wedding, a bridal shower, a baby shower, a baby sex revealing event, an engagement, anniversary, birthday, etc.

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In her store, Sumeya talks about he she started the whole thing, and where she got the idea to start her own Etsy business:

I grew up loving to plan events and decorating as well. Whether it was for mother’s day, baby showers, or graduations. I always enjoyed making the decor myself including banners. This past July my husband and I celebrated our marriage. While planning for our big day I noticed that a lot of the little details that I wanted to include in our wedding was too pricey so I decided to DIY a majority of our reception. After our wedding I moved from California (the best state!) to Dallas, Texas. I had a lot more free time and started to work on some projects. That is when I realized, why not open up my ETSY shop. I had such a great time DIYing our wedding that I wanted to help share and create memories for your events.

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Amazing, isn’t it?
So, if you liked what you see make sure to stop by
Sumeya’s Etsy store– and get the cake topped!

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