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With more than 350 designs and a 5 star rating- I found you the coolest Etsy store to buy the perfect gift. This store will help you buy a gift for your best friend, the one who’s always there for you, always there to support you, help you connect to the world and treasure memorable moments… Your phone 🙂

AVANTandGarde Etsy store is shipping phone cases worldwide from Oregon, USA, and have an amazing collection of beautiful smartphone-case-designs. You’ll be able to find some marble cases, pink cases, watercolor vibe cases, and basically everything else! Animals, vivid colors, blurry lines, patterns- AVANTandGarde simply got it all covered in one store!

Get 1 for a friend too- and get 10% off!

If you go shopping for a new smartphone case/cover at AVANTandGarde Etsy store- you could save 10% off! Purchase 2 cases or more, enter coupon code TENOFF and you are set! That means you could get a case for you + a good friend, you could get matching phone cases for your sister or BFF and you could also be a selfish happy camper and get two for yourself!! (We won’t tell anyone…:)).

So, simply go to this cool Etsy store– and get your new stylish smartphone cover!

And to pardon with pleasure here is my personal favorite design + a list of all the models of phones supported in this store:

paint abstract iphone case

Apple iPhone:
– iPhone 7 (Slim/Tough)
– iPhone 7 Plus (Slim/Tough)
– iPhone 6/6S* (Slim/Tough)
– iPhone 6/6S Plus* (Slim/Tough)
– iPhone 5/5S/SE* (Slim/Tough)
– iPhone 4/4S (Slim)
*designed to fit both years models

Samsung Galaxy:
– Galaxy S7(Slim/Tough)
– Galaxy S7 Edge (Slim/Tough)
– Galaxy S6 (Slim/Tough)
– Galaxy S6 Edge (Slim/Tough)
– Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (Slim/Tough)
– Galaxy S5 (Slim/Tough)
– Galaxy S4 (Slim)

Google Pixel:
– Google Pixel (Slim/Tough)
– Google Pixel XL (Slim/Tough)

LG G Series:
– LG G4 (Slim/Tough)
– LG G5 (Slim/Tough)

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