Awesome Maternity & Couple’s Tshirts on Etsy


Meet Elena, the owner of StampFashionBG Etsy shop!

In her shop, Elena makes unique prints for tshirts that would be great for women, men, pregnant women and even couples! I loved the couples and maternity tshirts the most since they are such a refreshing site on Etsy- giving you so much more than just another printed T.

Here are some of her more unique maternity tshirts:

StampFashionBg is a creative idea I’m trying to develop from a dream: ‘to make people happy’.’
I am brand new in this industry and for me every order is an awesome excitement that is even stronger when, you are happy and happy after the purchase 🙂

Elena writes in her shop.

The couple’s tshirts Elena has- are even more awesome!

Visit StampFashionBG Etsy shop for more!

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