Baby Shower, Bridal Shower & Birthday Invites- Ready To Be Printed!

If you’re planning a baby shower or a birthday party- you’ll need invites!
Now, getting invites for baby showers, birthdays, bridal showers and other events- is so much easier these days!
Many years ago it was a different deal… You needed a print shop to print out invites for you, using their bland party invites, or paying hundreds of dollars extra for a designer.
But now we have designers like Conchita Rodriguez, who sell their invites for baby showers, birthdays and bridal showers- on Etsy as printable files!

Conchita is the designer behind LoveCheetaDesigns Etsy shop!
In her shop you’ll be able to find unique invites for the biggest occasions in your life:
Birthday invites, baby shower invites and bridal shower invites!
All of them are well designed- and just waiting to be customized for your event!

How to get your printable invites?

Ince you’ve found an invite you like you order it and send Conchita all of your party details! Within 2-3 business days- Conchita will send you the file for your party invite- so you could print at home or at a local print shop! Easy as that!

other products are available as well- personalized tags for party favors, photo frames, party games and more!

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Maya Mey Aroyo

Content writer & editor at “In advertising, not to be different is virtually suicidal” – Bill Bernbach