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When two women from Moscow decided to open an Etsy store that sells jewelry- I had to have a look 🙂 I am a strong believer of Girl Power, as empowering women was the whole purpose behind The Women Team Magazine, and seeing this new rising Etsy store managed by two women- brought joy to my eyes!

The store is called GrrlPowerJewels, and they truly make amazing items!
Now, you won’t find astonishing $2000 necklaces, but you’ll find affordable pieces of jewelry that could fit your every day lives as well as your finest occasions 🙂

Ceramic Bracelet, Green Ceramic Beads, Color Block Bracelet, 16th Birthday Gift for Her, Profits Donated to Charity Purple Mother of Pearl & Amethyst Bracelet with a Lady Liberty Charm, Independence Day Gift, Patriotic Jewelry, Profits Donated to Charity Teal Beaded Bracelet, Turquoise Beaded Bracelet, Something Blue Bridal Bracelet, Profits Donated to Charity Wooden Dangle Earrings, Peace Sign Earrings, Earrings Peace Symbol, Gift for Her Birthday, Profits Donated to Charity

The colors…
They are so bright, so many of them- so that you could find a jewel to fit any type of clothes you are wearing. Blue, white, red, pink, grey and more… With single color items alongside interesting combos.

Purple Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Lilac Earrings, Gift for Her 40th Birthday, Small Earrings, Profits Donated to Charity Metal Bookmark, Pearl Bookmark, Pearl Charms, Wedding Bookmark, Bookworm Gift, Profits Donated to Charity Turquoise Stars Earrings, Star Shaped Earrings, Something Blue Star Earrings, Profits Donated to Charity

The 2 lovely ladies also make some wonderful crochet items for infants- so you could shop for your baby and yourself in the same store!

Pink Crochet Baby Bonnet, Crochet Baby Hat, Baby Girl Clothes, Profits Donated to Charity

However, no matter how much I’ll talk about this store’s jewels and items- you really need to check it out and see the wonder in your own two eyes:) Click HERE to see more products from these 2 ladies, or use social media to follow their new designs and store updates: Twitter | Pinterest

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