Beautiful Beaded Apple Watch Bands- from Pennsylvania


If you’re not an Apple-kind of person… You have no business here LOL
But if you, like me, love everything that is Mac, iPhone and Apple-y – you should definitely stick around to see what I have found on pyrabelle Etsy store…

Pyrabelle Etsy store is a great place for people who love their Apple watch- or know a special someone wearing them and in need of a style upgrade!
You can easily customize your own apple watch and turn it into a great accessory- for any occasion- with the amazing beaded apple watch bands- that look just like jewelry! (Maybe cause they are:))

Valentine's Day Apple Watch Band 38mm She's a Mermaid Apple Watch Band Bubblegum Princess Apple Watch Band

What’s amazes me most about Pyrabelle Etsy store is that they have 7 sales… While being open for less than a month! That’s HIGH up their on the Etsy scale- and there are 2 reasons why I think this store started selling so fast:
1. Their unique product (beaded Apple watch bands) and it’s high quality
2. Their affordable prices for handmade tech accessory!

Go ahead and visit Pyrabelle Etsy store and get yourself a new jewel piece- that fits right around your Apple watch!

Nature Walk - Apple Watch Band 38mm for Women - iWatch Strap Nature Walk - Apple Watch Band 38mm for Women - iWatch Strap

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