Beautiful Botanic Art Prints from Perth, Australia


If you’re looking to add some nature and art to your home- wall art would be the best option!
Although you could get a lot of files online of different plants and just print them out… There’s nothing like getting something truly artistic and unique to add color to your home, and an Etsy shop by the name of COCOPEACHCo– could give you just that!

The shop only opened recently on Etsy, but you can see the huge love the owners have for nature and botanic life from their prints! The owners of the shop, from Perth, Australia, filled it with beautiful prints (that you can order in various sizes, worldwide) that share a different perspective on plants, and the botanic world.

The prints are playful, well designed, and if you really want to make a sweet artistic-nature corner in your home– I’d advise ordering more than just one- creating a botanical wall collage for these beautiful plants!

The shop owners’ unique interpretation of each plant is really what matters- and I really can see how this shop is going to succeed- with such strong and vibrant colors in their work!

If you like this style-
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They also have a great wordpress blog filled with amazing tips on how to grow different types of plants, and also some personal blog posts from the owner!

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