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If you want to add a touch of color to your walls, design your nursery, add some black and white photography to your office, or even make your living room more full of life- meet Helene Siegfried!

This 31 year old artist from Germany is a mother of 2, spending her days at the office (order processing clerk) and her weekends and evenings designing, crafting, creating- and generally loving art!

Her art takes many forms, but in her Etsy shop, PRINTxDESIGN, you’ll be able to see the best form of them all.. Her unique illustration talent that will decorate your walls!

Her Etsy shop is filled with printable wall art- meaning- art prints that you receive immediately as you order in the form of 5 files- making sure you can print them in the sizes you like- in your home printer, or at a local print shop.

While her prints can stand-alone and decorate a space, some of her work are double prints- 2 separate print files that complete each other to show the bigger picture:

I feel so strongly about art, and I use art a lot in my own kids’ education.
I think that surrounding yourself and your children with calming artwork helps set a good vibe around the house and their rooms, promoting a free feeling and imagination!

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What do you think… Do you agree?
Do you see art as a key factor in children education?

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