Beautiful Personalized Hand-Stamped Jewelry


If you’re looking for a truly special gift to someone- personalization is key!

Before online shopping was made so available, people searched hours for good places that create personalized items… but today, with the help of websites like Etsy- this search became a lot easier!

Mom Bangle: i love you : Bangle Charm Bracelet: stainless steel Bangle: butterflies

While most Etsy sellers sell their handmade product as they finish them, and have a certain collection of items, some Etsy sellers have different options for each item they sell, including the option to add/remove words, change a text or add initials to ANY ITEM!

One of these unique sellers is Lauren Brooke.
Living in Mechanicsville, Lauren is the proud owner of LaurenBrookeShop719!

Lauren’s business wasn’t born out of passion for money or from starting a new profession. It was born out of a hobby. Making jewelry for years, Lauren loved creating new jewelry items, using different materials in the mix and discovering new styles in design.

One of these unique styles included hand-stamping.
Back in the day, you’d see hand-stamping on metal only on dog collars and army tags. But the truth is- hand-stamping is a lost art, allowing a person to shape small pieces of a metal disc to create a single piece of metal that is a work of art on it’s own.

Lauren’s discovery of hand stamping techniques last year, and her mom supported her passion with a brand new jewelry hand-stamping kit for Christmas!

You can check out Lauren Brooke’s shop to see the different styles she has already come up with!

Looking at these unique personalized hand stamped jewelry- you know that there is so much more to be seen in this shop and from this seller in the near future!

Dream- Dream catcher Keychain: Hand stamped Keychain: Stainless steel

If you have any special requests from Lauren
Or you want to see more of her designs
Visit her ETSY SHOP today!

Ocean air salty hair - hand stamped Keychain

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