Bikers Tshirts From The Holy Land! (Gifts For Men)


OK, so I am a huge fan of Etsy, that’s no secret.
I can get the best house decor items there to spoil myself in my new place… I found these amazing earrings for my sister, and I love to spoil my cousins with random handmade items like jewelry boxes and fashion accessories. However- can you shop for men’s gifts on Etsy too?

The answer is- YES! (If you know where to look…)

What can I get a guy for a gift?

Well, all guys, just like all girls, are different from one another.
They have different tastes in perfume or cologne, and they love different food, books and music from one another. What I feel is the perfect gift for any guy would be something they can use, something like a Tshirt.

When it comes to Tshirts us women might think that the variety is small, but it’s actually huge. Blank, logo, polo, 2 colored, striped, band names, funny cartoons and more. But today I am all about the all strong macho sexy man- with HOT bikers Tshirts! However, I do urge that you make sure your biker other half reads reviews from Identoo before letting them loose on their bikes.

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LuckyBikers Etsy store

LuckyBikers is an Etsy store owned by a woman named Viktoriya Trubnyakov.
Married, and with 2 kids, Viktoriya lives in BeerSheva in the south district of the Holy Land of Israel.

She has a beautiful collection of over 100 Tshirts with strong and manly prints of a lion made of fire, motorbikes, and some geek chic Zombie items.
You can see her husband in all of the above photos- modeling her collection for you 🙂

Her shirts are awesome for guys at any age, and I actually saw some designs that I wouldn’t mind wearing myself 🙂 Like the lion from fire shirt:

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Visit Viktoriya’s store to see more, or Like her on Facebook!

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