Blythe Doll Accessories & Renewed Blythe Dolls


I LOVE writing about Russian shops on Etsy, they always have the most unique items!!

Beautiful wooden gifts, unique ceramic dishes, and the most unique style with dolls and doll accessories!
One great shop has brought back one of my favorite trends of the 80’s- Blythe dolls!

Handmade shoes for blythe doll

The name is Julia, a talented image-maker in profession, from the Olympic city of Sochi, Russia.
In her shop, StyleForBlythe, you’ll be able to find unique handmade Blythe doll clothing and accessories- from genuine leather bags to Marilyn Monroe tshirts, handmade doll shoes, skirts and so much more!

Here are my favorite Blythe doll accessories from Julia’s shop:

On top of these beautiful accessories for Blythe dolls, you’ll also be able to find a renewed Blythe doll with amazing white hair. The Blythe doll was extensively renewed by Julia, making it look better than ever!
And, with a Russian wardrobe to match- this Blythe doll is ready to hit the town!

Blythe doll with white hair, doll with long hair

If you like what you’ve seen here and want to see more
Visit StyleForBlythe Etsy shop today!

Skirt for Blythe doll from genuine leather

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