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If you love bohemian style Jewelry items, you’re gonna love ArKaysCreations Etsy store. Owned by Rhonda from Oklahoma, United States, this store ships amazing jewelry worldwide- and in the best prices.
All items in this store are handmade (with a lot of love) and could upgrade any look you choose to wear, on any given day. What I love about this Etsy store is the endless possibilities! You can see gothic skull bracelets alongside golden wings from a pink heart necklaces, simply- endless options and designs.
The store currently holds 148 items, is favorited by more than 2000 Etsy users and with more than 230 reviews of 5 stars- you can be sure this store is the store to buy from!

skull-bracelet wings-heart-pink-necklace

I love especially the openness of the store owner to new ideas, as described in her Etsy bio:

At present I continuously strive to learn new techniques to provide new and exciting creations. Do you have an idea? Please feel free to share it with me.

Here are some more items from this seller, to really get you going:

grey-wolf-necklace bohemian-cat-bracelet tree-of-life-necklace lolita-skeleton-necklace teal-necklace victorian-necklace

Last thing, and one of the most important- this seller knows her way around Etsy! A lot of sellers forget that purchasing goods online is a process, and in order to make it whole- we need to see the package! Rhonda uses the cutest packages for her jewelry:


So check out her store for more items, reviews and amazing bohemian style!

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