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Yup- you read correctly- boho baby clothes! It’s time for babies to join their mamas and papas in looking awesome, with amazing onesies that simply make you think… That baby is cool! For that we got- PuddleKickers!

PuddleKickers is an Etsy store owned by a woman named Karen- a graphic designer who spent the last 20 years behind the screen creating graphic arts and visual greatness. As she is a fan of the bohemian style, and also one to love a good and funny baby outfit- she decided to combine those 2 loves and her unique talent- and PuddleKickers was born!

Shipping to the US and Canada all the way from South Carolina, Karen has over 2000 sales on Etsy (!!) and a smashing 5 stars review rate from little less than 500 people! Amazing, right?
Well, not as amazing as her super funky ideas for the little ones! And here are my personal fav designs from Karen’s PuddleKickers Etsy store!

I especially love the fact that most items in Karen’s store come in different colours, to fit both girls and boys! Like this super cool onesie over here:

Another amazing thing about Karen and her Etsy store for boho baby clothes- is that you can ask her to make a onesie with a super cool design- that will carry out your baby’s name! This feature is highly recommended, especially if you want to give a gift to a newly mom and help her celebrate the love of bringing a new joy into the world! Just have a look at one of the customizable designs featured in Karen’s store:

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we all know you love it!

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