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Hey there future wife-to-be-s, I got a great Etsy store you should def check out to make sure that everything will run as smooth as possible in your wedding! There is such a fuss over planning a wedding, so many things to do, so many things that could go wrong if forgotten, and a general stressful feeling in the air… Now- that’s no way to marry the one you love!

We want you to feel relaxed in planning your BIG day, to be able to pin-point who does what, and what goes where, and for that you’ll need a good solid wedding journal.

I have recently found this cool Etsy store called BrideWeddingJournals that sells the most unique wedding and bridal journals you’ll ever see. Owned by Ameenah Maria from California, this is your go to store for planning a wedding! These journals will also be there forever, a keepsake from your wedding day, filled with thoughts of you and your love, all while helping you organize the big day.

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Hear what the owner of this store had to say about why she set up this business of wedding bride journals:

The inspiration for my wedding journal planner designs came during the period of time when my children were getting engaged and planning their weddings. Each of them had a very different wedding from the others, and it gave me quite a bit of firsthand experience. As I assisted them in the preparations, I became aware of how difficult it became to keep everything recorded.

Wedding planning can be quite chaotic, so keeping close records of this incredibly special time is almost impossible without the right tools. Out of necessity, I took it upon myself to create the perfect format to preserve the entire process from the engagement to the wedding.

Before you leave this store make sure to check out their amazing book with 150 quotes for your wedding ceremony! It’s an instant download file, that will only cost you $3!

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