Bulgarian Rose Oil And All The Wonders It Holds


So… I don’t know if that’s a general knowledge thing or not, but Aroyo (my last name) is Bulgarian, and although I grew up in TLV, my families origins were always a big part of me… And roses, and rose oil were a big part of that.
It’s true what they say about Bulgarians, we’d place rose oil on practically everything. You know why? Cause it really truly works.

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As I haven’t had the time to travel back to Bulgaria in the last few years, from time to time I search Etsy for stores from Bulgaria or for sellers who use Bulgarian “materials” in their crafts and creations.
That’s how I found Mariya Sicilian.
Although Mariya lives in Illinois, her Etsy store “RoseBudsChicago” hits home for me, as one of her main ingredients in her facial and body care line is- Bulgarian rose oil.

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Her goal, coming in to Etsy, was pretty clear… To show people, and mostly women, that all we need for our skin is available in nature and that there is no need to use harmful chemicals to look good and feel great.
Her Etsy store BIO says it all:

Here at Rose Buds Chicago, we always work hard to identify the finest quality ingredients available by gathering samples from all over the world! We strongly believe that using natural ingredients in their purest form can make a world of positive change. Nature has empowered us with highly effective resources which work in harmony with our bodies and also makes us feel and look the best we can be.

Rose Sugar Lip Scrub

We believe that health is much more than skin-deep and we fully understand the value of nutritional knowledge and local heritage in developing our products. We value transparency – clear labeling, sincere component and ingredient listing, to let our clients make the most informed choice.

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I just love this woman!
And more than that, I love the fact that she chose to use rose oil from Bulgarian roses over any other oil there is out there. I did, however, had to ask her- WHY?

Why we love Bulgarian Rose Oil?
There are over 7000 varieties of roses worldwide, yet only few are known as oil-producing. The Rosa Damascena, cultivated in the Bulgarian Rose Valley for over 300 years, is considered the best oil-bearing rose renowned worldwide.
Unique climatic and soil conditions make the Rose Valley the perfect home for rose growing and rose oil production.

Golden Rose Organic Face Scrub

Containing a complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, the Bulgarian Rose Oil has excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin; it also offers antiseptic and astringent properties to treat acne, as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help treat redness and inflammation.

In Mariya’s Etsy store you’ll find body scrubs, facial scrubs, anti-aging creams, moisturizing lip balms, and rare “flavours” of handmade soaps like spicy-pumpkin and goat milk!

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So, if you want to give nature another try, feel free to DUMP your chemicals away and try out one of Mariya’s natural products
You smell amazing, you’ll look good and you’ll feel…

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