Chewable Baby Teethers, Necklaces and More!

As a new mom to a baby girl or boy- you know you’ll have to encounter some… Unpleasant situations! As much as we love that little ball of joy- there are sides to raising a baby, mostly felt by the mother, that are some-what inconvenient. Our goal as women, smart and resourceful, is to find a way to ease ourselves and our child with minimum effort.

In those moments of need the best place to turn to is to other mothers who are making items we can use, or techniques, that will help us and our newborn. One of these major problems has to do with teeth.
When a baby grows teeth it’s a hard time for both child and mother, as the baby is in pain, restless, and constantly trying to chew everything! We need to balance our desire to help him express his new “abilities”-  while making sure he or she won’t bite on anything that could harm them!

For that- we have baby teething toys- meant to be a safe play-thing for the baby to chew on. The biggest development in those chew toys is the fact that some talented and creative women turned their material into a necklace- allowing you to have something that can occupy your infant while you hold him! Something that doesn’t take up a lot of space and cannot be constantly dropped to the floor by the baby!

As you all know- I am an Etsy fan, and as one i found an Etsy store with those exact items. it’s called- ChewandPlay.

Shipping worldwide from Canada, Jody, the owner of the store, makes wonderful items both attractive in the baby’s eyes and safe for use- making sure the teething and chewing period would pass as smooth as can be! Visit her charming little piece of heaven on Etsy to see more of her items! I’ve chosen a few of my personal favorites- and they are right here:

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