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Meet Linz B, a stay at home mom (for Liam and Lawson) who decided to not give up on her dreams of career and found a way to mix business with family- ETSY.
Etsy has been a revolution in our lives since us consumers get amazing handmade merchandise from all over the world with just a click of a mouse, while the sellers get the opportunity to run their own business, very often from home, and have the flexible hours it takes to run a family!

Before starting her Etsy store, Linz was a teacher and a social worker. She keep that job up until her second child came along, which then she resigned and decided to become a full stay-at-home-mom, a profession that people often tend to under-mind.

The world of Fashion has always been her “dream world”. At day she’s a true mom, but at night, once her kids are asleep- she finds the time to go back to her fashion-passion and creates unique accessories. Her accessories are sold in her Etsy store: 4everUnicornFashion.
The main theme of her store is Chokers, and everything that surrounds them. You’ll be able to find adult chokers, girls’ chokers, as well as mommy&me chokers.
She drives inspiration from the fashion that surrounds her, from sweet memories of the choker-full 90’s and from current pop-trend lead by celebrities and designers.
You’ll be able to find amazing items in her store, some that are her own mind’s doing, and others that are meant to imitate the super-stars’ fashion- giving you the chance to accessorize like a Kardashian, without spending a fortune.
Here are my favorite items from Linz’s store:

Just have a look at the amazing attention to details:

With Linz’s store you have the chance to have a Kardashian look, for you and for your little baby girl/niece. Just think of the wonderful gift these chokers would be to any fashionista- at any age!

So stop whatever it is you’re doing right now and click HERE to see more of this amazing woman’s designs at her Etsy store!
Good luck Linz- from all of us here at The Women Team!

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