Chris’ Passionately Hand-Crafted Jewelry


I love seeing Etsy shops that sell jewelry.
When you go to stores in the mall or look for jewelry on eBay, you almost always see the same styles. The same patterns, materials, the same general vibe.
With Etsy- it’s a totally different story.
You have amazingly talented people, worldwide, sharing their hobbies, crafts and art, and they are always a surprise!

As 2019 is starting, I searched for a new shop that only opened this year and already looks promising. And I found CrystalOrder!
Using gemstones and copper, jewelry enthusiast Chris, is selling his beautiful necklaces with their own unique flair.
Chris take beautiful gemstones and wraps copper around them- giving them that bohemian style that goes along with everything. I mean, just look at how amazing these necklaces are:

Rose Quartz Copper Spiral Cage Pendant Vortex Necklace Healing Crystal Jewelry Antique Copper Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace Healing Crystal Stone Jewelry Tibetan Quartz Crystal Copper Spiral Cage Pendant Vortex Necklace Healing Jewelry

These special necklaces are not only stylish- but also uniquely spiritual, with the gemstones in them are considered to hold healing features.

If you want to know more about Chris’ style and them special gemstones he uses in his necklaces-
go to his shop, CrystalOrder, today!

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