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There are a lot of graphic designers on Etsy, and in the world in general, and some of them create images that will make your jaw drop. However, not all graphic brilliance is in the colors and shapes… Some designers have simple designs, with no special images, elements or vectors.
These designers use a tool much stronger than PhotoShop to create their designs: they use their wit!

Raise Them To Think They Breathe Fire T-Shirt Mom Tee Dragon's Tshirt Girl Power Strength Parenting TShirt Raising Kids Mother Comfortable

When I was browsing through Etsy earlier today- I was looking for these designers, the ones who know what would be the best thing to write- and what to write it on.
I found some inspirational mugs, some pretty sassy pillow covers, and Cheri Ritchie.

Cheri is the designer behind Green & Grey Co. – a beautiful brand dedicated to mommies and their kids- now with a store on Etsy!
Cheri, much like a lot of Etsy sellers, started her business when she became a stay at home mom. She needed to find a way to work while still giving her son, Greyson, the attention and care he deserves, and having that extra time with her husband, Dustin.
She found her efforts best spent on creating statement tshirts and onesies, and it was one of her designs that caught my eye instantly:

If You Can Eat In Public So Can I Baby Boy Girl Onesie Breastfeeding Infant Bottom Button Shirt Breast milk Advocate Tee Public Eating Milk

This “If you can eat in public so can I” baby onesie is BRILLIANT!
I am not a mother, and breastfeeding was never something I had to worry about… But I keep seeing these news about moms being harassed for breastfeeding- and it makes me furious!
Cheri took that topic and faced it head on with the best statement baby onesie I have ever seen targeting breastfeeding in public and women’s rights.

If you’re more of a funny and easy going character, or looking for tshirts and onesies that will enable your child to grow in an open and accepting vibe- here are some of Cheri’s biggest hits:

Cheri has only recently opened her Etsy store, in the beginning of this year, and I can see a big future for these designs, and I hope to run into some moms out there- with Cheri’s inspiring (and comfy) shirts!

Got an idea for a design? Need some adjustments? 

CUSTOM T-Shirt • Unisex T-Shirt • Custom for boys and girls

No problem- simply contact Cheri through her store and let her know your heart’s desire!

To see more of Cheri’s designs for moms and kids-
go visit her store: Green & Grey Co.
You can also follow her on Instagram | Facebook
To always get the latest designs and potential sales in your feeds!

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